• Tucky was invented in the fall of 2021 after I had my second child and was feeling disconnected from my pre-baby body. I started wearing matching sweats, hiking up the pants and tucking the tops up and under my bra. In that way I created the illusion of an hourglass figure, which greatly helped my self-esteem as I maneuvered the early motherhood days. The problem was that my sweatshirt kept slipping back out the moment I started moving around! That's where the idea for Tucky was born!

    Fast forward two years and Tucky is patent pending and sold worldwide. Our mission has grown to invite every woman (or man) to feel better in the clothing they already own.

    In addition, $2 of every sale are lovingly donated to the International Cancer Care and Research Excellence Foundation, a non profit dedicated to battling pediatric cancer in Tanzania.

    Happy Tucking!